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If you are new to the site the videos are in date order videos being the oldest and videos (3) being newer etc.
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Welcome to Stoney Joe Productions! This site is all about the pictures vidoes and songs I have made. Please have a look round and if you have time sign my guest book! Thankyou!

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New Additions:
01/02/06 - >I made a game!
                Have a go!.
24/10/05 - >A new look... ish! Hope you like!
16/10/05 - >A new vid! I take credit for the
                guitaring and the vocals. No-one
                else would! Videos (4).
                >A hip hop netto has been added
                to Pictures!
03/09/05 - >A new font on the Font page. I
                call it... FIRE!!! How exciting!
02/09/05 - >Ever wondered what Tony Blair
                does when the working day is
                done? Me too! I think it might be
                like this, no offence Tony.
                Videos (4).
31/08/05 - >My take on Pokemon!
                Have a look on Videos (4)!
29/08/05 - >I was bored at my Dad's so I
                did this. Found on Videos (4).
25/08/05 - >On a roll once more! Here's a
                new one for you all. Hope you
                like. Found on Videos (4).
23/08/05 - >I made this video a while back
                but I thought it wasn't worth
                puttin on here, but I have been
                told it is ok so i'll put it on. Its
                on the brand new page
                Videos (4) !
20/08/05 - >Well the squirrels told me
                they want a decent comeback
                just as good as Bob's mate or
                mouses 2 but not mouses 3
                cos they said its crap. I agree.
                So I took there advice and
                did a new one. Its not as good
                as Bob 2 but better than
                mouses 3. Have a look! It's
                on Videos (3)!
                >Fixed the dodgy flash and
                 added a place you can
                 comment on the videos too!
18/08/05 - >Not much effort put into this
                but i'll put it on anyway. I
                made a preloader on this one
                which was fun. Check it out!
                Videos (3) again.
20/07/05 - >Another new video! See what
                the effect of no school has on
                me! Found upon Videos (3)
15/07/05 - >As I now am off school ready
                to start college in September
                I thought I'd do something
                constructive. So here it is
                for every1 who wants to know
                about Bob and his freind way
                back last year when the site
                started. Here is the sequel.
                It took me several hours to
                complete but its worth it.
                Have a look! Videos (3)
05/07/05 - >I have recently been doing
                nothing so I decided to add a
                thing for you all to enjoy...
                hopefully. Ah well even if you
                don't i'm gonna say it anyway...
                ENJOY! (by the way its in
                Videos (3)
               >Just to say. Thank you
                for looking here as I know some
                people have been (my counter
                tells me this). Please sign
                my guestbook!!! THANKS!!!
20/04/05 - >A whole year of SJP on the
                4th. I missed it! Ah well here's
                a new vid. Bit creepy to start
                but its not what you think.
                found upon Videos (3) as
26/03/05 - >New pic! Gotta love Bush!
                found upon Pictures
                >I'm on a roll today! Where's
                your badger? Mines asleep at
                home. Maybe yours is here.
                Found upon Videos (3)
                ... enjoy!
31/01/05 - >New page! hope you enjoy!
                a new cartoon has been added
                for ya'll to see; extra proucer
                Danny helped with this one.
                Found upon Videos (3)
21/01/05 - >I'm in a creative mood. Check
                it out. 2 vids in the space of
                3 days hope you lik ethis one.
                on Videos (2)... enjoy
18/01/05 - >Merry new year! I have made
                another new vid... shock
                horror! This one is made with
                flash! Check it out! On
                Videos (2) as usual.
10/12/04 - >A new video! Haven't done
               that in a while. Hope I haven't
               lost my touch... if i ever had
               one. Located in Videos (2)!
03/09/04 - >Checkboxes has been
                updated. Entries posted!
07/07/04 - >Checkboxes has been
30/06/04 - >New page Checkboxes have fun!
26/06/04 - >A new video finally! Located on
               Videos (2) SMILE!
23/06/04 - >New Pictures added. Hope you
                like 'em
19/06/04 - >New page added Good links also a
               new cat has been added
               Random Cat
26/05/04 - >Some wierd ducks! In Videos (2)
21/05/04 - >New Video! The mouses are back!
                go to Videos (2) to view!
19/05/04 - >A new page Fonts has been added
                Hope u like it! Also check out my
                msg board (forum)
16/05/04 - >A new page Videos (2) leads the
                way forward with my 1st 'Stoney'
11/05/04 - >Kitty condidate added to the
                About 'That Cat' page
10/05/04 - >a little about me page updated
                >A new video added about an
                alien.On the Videos page as
08/05/04 - >A documentary about badgers! The
                latest of the Videos
28/04/04 - >2 new pics on the Pictures page &
                Another New Page!
                About 'That Cat'
04/04/04 - 3 New cartoons added to the
                 Videos page:
                         >Hello Bob
                         >Where is the love
                            with squirrels

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